7-Leaders Corp. is specialized in production and marketing of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools such as End Mills, Drills and Reamers...etc. since its establishment in Year 1990. Our product with trade mark " 7 Leaders " is not only well-known in Taiwan, but also one of the leading brand in the market.

In the future, we will not only keep offering the products to major industries such as automobile, aerospace, machinery, electronic and mould & die, but also continuously optimizing our quality and service to support more industries, furthermore, to enlarge the market and fulfill worldwide customers' demand.

We've built up the fabrication facilities by "WALTER" CNC Grinding Machines which supports us for non-stop auto.
Production 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Furthermore, we are equipped with WALTER "Helicheck" inspection system which is able to inspect even tools with diameter less than 0.1mm strictly.



In recent years, inspired by modern modern cutting concepts, 7Leaders Corp. has developed the FX end mills series for extreme machining condition of HPC (High Performance Cutting), HSC (High Speed Cutting), and HFC (High Feed Cutting).


Due to our latest grinding technology and innovative tool designed, the FX end mills series are able to cut to the high hardness material up to 68HRC with higher depth of cut and faster feed eate which results in higher removal rate and improve your productivvity.


Our tools now already make a breakthroungh of the 10,000mm/min feed rate on steel machining.

Variable helix geometry

Uneven flutes distribution

Variable lead designed

R&D Quality Control

Promise to Provide Best Quality Products to Customers

7 Leaders accordance with the latest ISO 9001 international standards, implement high quality control management system. Develop of all carbide tools with high-precision, high-quality, high tool life and high cutting performance. With 0.001mm precision measuring nano technology, and with Germany WALTER "Helicheck" tool measuring system. Ability to check the comprehensive geometry for tools diameter from 0.1mm.
Start from the raw materials, semi-finished products, finishing products to shipping and delivery, 7 Leaders always promise to provide best quality products to customers.

Improve Cutting Performance

The team of R&D Technology Center, responsible for the development of new products and optimize the performance of existing products. Research and study the technology of tungsten carbide materials, with the most advanced testing equipment, selected the most suitable carbide tool material globally. Apply the latest coating technology. Through cutting test result, get the optimal cutting conditions to improve cutting performance.